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If you’ve tried text to speech on your computer, you’ll know how useful a tool it is for comprehension and proof reading. For me, I find at the end of a long and tiring day, there’s nothing better than kicking off my shoes, engaging text to speech and letting my ears do with ease, what my eyes would loathe me for even making them attempt.

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So we’ve got digital help all sorted, but what happens if we need some of those tools when reading physical media? OCR apps on our tablets, phones and laptops are great when you want to ‘digitize’ a page or two to be read by your computers text to speech. But reading a whole book in this way could be somewhat troublesome.

Up until now the best way round this particular problem was to acquire books or text as an ebook (and text to speech) or as an audio book. A third solution that has been around for about a decade are reading pens. I’ve never been particularly inspired by these devices so when I was asked to try out the new Reader Pen by C-Pen, I wasn’t particularly enthused. That lack of excitement didn’t last for long, as this pen turned everything I thought I knew about reading pens on the head. Rather than hear me bang on about all the features crammed into this pen, you can take a look at this review video I prepared earlier.

Now while this may not be a device that I will use for everyday reading, I can see the dictionary coming in really handy when reading long and wordy books or documents. I can see the scan to document feature being a massive time saver when doing research. For others this may be a tool that aids them with every bit of physical content they read. This is what makes this pen such a game changer in the world of reading pens. Rather than just being a tool for reluctant readers C-Pen’s reader pen is now. a tool that has applications for almost anyone dealing with printed text.

You can find more information about the C-Pen Reader Pen HERE.

Video produced by Sean Douglas

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