Sean Douglas
Sean DouglasChief Operating Dyslexic/ Founder
Sean always wished there was a website for adult dyslexics, that wasn’t too academic, was super positive, had links to all the help and advice he needed when things got difficult and was full of great regularly updated content. It didn’t exist so Sean decide to create it. The result is the website you see before you.
Bitzy Au
Bitzy AuChief Operating Non- Dyslexic/ Co - Founder
Bitzy brings the order and structure to The Codpast. Without her left brained input, The Codpast would be a much more random place to hangout. Finding awesome guests, social media and creating concepts for new videos, podcasts and blog posts; you name it she does it. Not bad for a left brainer!

Our Valuable Team Members

Abbie Osborne
Abbie OsborneStudy Skills & AT Blogger
Abbie is an Assistive Technology Tutor. It is her passion to help University students with struggles that she faced at University. She is constantly on the look-out for new and innovative solutions to the problems that her students face with dyslexia. She is also passionate about books and runs her own book review blog.

James Childs
James ChildsBlogger
Journalism graduate and music, art and digital media enthusiast. As well as The Codpast, James has written for LiveMagUK, Islington Tribune, The Cut, and Artefact Magazine. He is also the founder of ‘Diffrnt Magazine’.
Bernadette Galbraith
Bernadette GalbraithResearcher/Blogger
Bernadette is Journalism student with a strong interest music and the arts. She regularly attends gigs and enjoys indulging in cinematic experience. Bernadette also runs her own blog called ‘The Buzz Around Bee’