Often your ability to succeed in the world means mastering the written word. But for many of us with dyslexia, the T’s & C’s of participation, don’t quite match our dominant skillset. In her new book Tiffany Sunday says this may all be about to change. How dyslexics will rule the Future’ explores how, the rapid race toward an augmented virtual reality, more human interactions with machines and the audification of information will remove the barrier to entry for many people with dyslexia.

In the video below, Tiffany talks about her new book, which asks what role dyslexic and neurodiverse people will play, in a workplace where all the linear thinking is done by machines and the most in demand employee, will be one that excels at creative and divergent thinking.

You can pick up a copy of her book here: https://www.tiffanysunday.com/book/how-dyslexics-will-rule-the-future/

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