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At the Codpast, we love getting out into the world and spreading dyslexic positivity. If you’re hoping to raise awareness of dyslexia amongst staff or students and are looking for a speaker or workshop with a difference, you’re in the right place. Our workshops are fun and interactive and aim to give participants a deeper understanding of the challenges a dyslexic individual in their team or workforce may face, as well as the positive attributes you may not have realised they brought to the team.

We are also passionate about the power of assistive technology. We love assistive technology (AT), it’s partly what allows our dyslexic editor to run this site. While we are well aware of the freedom AT gives a neurodiverse individual to reach their full potential. Many people don’t realise that AT is not ‘just for dyslexics.’ If you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find that AT software has some pretty powerful productivity boosting capabilities for your whole team. Our AT workshops give your team an overview of the software your dyslexic colleagues may be using. We also share our tips and tricks, which allows your whole team to benefit from the productivity boosting features you may have missed. This is an especially useful workshop if your business, college or university has a site licence for a particular piece of software.

Drop us a line or call us on +44 (0)20 8432 9975 if you’d like to discuss a talk or workshop in your organisation.

Here are are some organisations we’ve worked with in the past:

Bedford Sixth Form College                  Theale Green School

Cardiff University                                   University of Westminster                              The Moat School

cardiff uni                              westminster university                               Moat School

Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference                         Softwire Software Solutions and Consultancy

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Richmond School & Sixth Form College                                                              Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association

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