Whether your studying, working or commuting, for the nero-diverse, background noise can be a real a barrier to concentration. To eliminate external distractions, noise cancelling headphones and a relaxing playlist can be a useful way to block out distracting sounds. Unlike noise isolating headphones which rely on an ergonomic design, noise cancelling headphones have built in microphones which help to cancel out the unwanted noise. These headphones come in different shapes, sizes and prices. The list below features a variety of headphones bound to suit your needs and your budget.

1. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic
In recent years over ear headphones have come back in to fashion and the QuietComfort 25 created by Bose is definitely one to check out. On the pricier end of the market, the QuietComfort 25 is £269.95. Featuring an inline microphone/remote which allows users to increase or lower the volume and take calls. These headphones are battery operated, come in a light and convenient carrying case and are available in black and white . Like most over ear headphones they features soft ear cushions for comfortability.


2. Sony MDR-ZX110NA Overhead
For something inexpensive but still effective the Sony MDR-ZX110NA is only £24.99 and is a popular choice for music lovers. Well designed, these headphones are light weight and can be folded when not in use to make them compact. It comes in black, white and pink and is suitable for any environment, from blocking out noise on the bus and light enough to wear whilst working out.


3. Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic
For those wanting some good in-ear noise cancelling headphones, QuietComfort 20i are perfect. A common belief is that over ear headphones are the best for noise cancellation but with the QuietComfort 20i, that myth is thrown out of the window. These headphones feature inline mic/remote for music and call functions, including three earbud sizes. You can choose to have full-on noise reduction which blocks out all environmental noises. Or the Aware Mode, which lets some outside noises in.


4. Betron B750s Earphones Headphones
The Betron B750s come in black, red, white from £12.99 to £14.99. A common irritant about headphones are their cables that regularly get tangled but the Betron B750s comes with a flat cable to avoid this. It also comes with a carrying pouch. The remote control is useful and features a take/call button, play/pause and next track buttons.

4. Betron B750s Earphones Headphones
5. Bluesim Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
For those interested in finding a good pair of working out headphones, the Bluesim Wireless headphones are £19.99 and come in green and blue. Durable, convenient and featuring Bluetooth 4.0, the benefit of using wireless headphones is that whether walking or running you have more freedom; you are not forced to hold the phone. Secondly you are given more mobility, no cables allows you to operate your phone without unintentionally tangling cables.

5. Bluesim Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWords by James Childs

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