If you’ve never come across them before, TED talks are a great insight into the minds of some of the most interesting thinkers around. The rigorous pitching, coaching, time constraints and reviewing process given to a chosen speaker, means your guaranteed a talk that will be inspirational, educational or thought provoking.

We at The Codpast know the dyslexic mind is bursting with inspirational and thought provoking ideas, so we thought we’d take a look at our favourite TED and TEDx talks given by dyslexic speakers.

1. Aakash Odedra | A dance in a Hurricane of Paper, Wind and Light

Aakash Odedra, friend of The Codpast and world famous dancer and choreographer, treats the TED audience to a performance of the dyslexia inspired ‘Murmur’. You can find out more about Aakash when we interviewed him on our podcast.


2. My lyrical education | Nathan Dicks | TEDxPlymouthUniversity

Nathan Dick shares how his love of Hip-Hop helped him improve his grades and how he turned this unique way of learning, in to a brand that could help others.


3. Learning Via Your Style | DJ Cunningham | TEDxYouth@Toronto

DJ Cunningham tells the story of how jumping out the window of his 9th Grade English class, a la superman, ended up being the start of a journey of resilience and self-advocacy.


4. Overcoming Dyslexia, Finding Passion: Piper Otterbein at TEDxYouth@CEHS

Piper Otterbein gives an eloquent and inspirational account of her experience with dyslexia.


5. How did I end up communicating science? Fiona Auty at TEDxTeddington

In this talk we hear the amusing story of how Fiona’s desire to, ‘ask simple questions and write down the answers’ helped her organisation secure funding and continue its research.

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