Those with Dyslexia are sometimes thought of as unintelligent. This is far from the truth. If you look around, there are many famous dyslexics that have help change the world

Number 5: Thomas Edison

Edison invented the phonograph and most famously the light bulb. He was well known for creating devices that greatly improved the human experience. Edison was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park, as his first laboratory was based in Menlo Park. He was known as a pirate because many believed most of his inventions were stolen from other inventors. Hence he spent much of his time and money, warding off rivals with lawsuits and patents.

Number 4: Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is best known for being the great inventor of the telephone. He was born in Scotland in 1847 and as a young man, was expected to carry on the family business, but he was reluctant. When his grandfather became ill, he didn’t hesitate to take care of him, and when he died, he finally took up his position in the business. He soon became fascinated with the concept of transmitting human voices over wires, and thus the telephone was born.

Number 3: Henry Ford

Creator of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford produced the first Ford Model T car in 1908 and revolutionised the motor industry. He was born in Michigan in 1863 , and began his work in engineering as a timepiece repairer for family and friends. His real work began in 1888 when the Edison Illuminating Company hired him. In 1903 he started the Ford Motor Company and profits soared. Henry Ford died in 1947 as one of the greatest American economic giants, helping his country out of the depression.

Number 2: Steve Jobs

Hailed as the world’s most inspiring inventor, Steve Jobs was the CEO and chairman for Apple Inc. and created devices such as the iPod, Mac, iPad, and other such devices. He is known for his charisma, and determination. His inventions were revolutionary, especially the iPod. Mp3 players had been around for a while but Jobs was the first to combine them with huge amounts of storage and make them easy to use for the novice. Jobs took Apple from being a medium sized tech firm making niche products to being the biggest company in the world.

Number 1: The Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright were the creators of the first working, powered, manned, flying machine (plane), and made their first flight in 1903. What made their planes so successful is the three-axis control, which is still used in planes today. Their mechanical skill was developed in their shop, where they worked with printing presses, bicycles, motors and other machines. Curation and Words by Vanessa Rocha

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