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Cabinet maker James Wilson helped kick off this year’s series of The X Factor in typical heart string pulling fashion. Over the weekend the dyslexic musician, who in the past has been kicked out of bands for his reading speed and ability to quickly learn lyrics, faced the four fearsome judges for the first time.

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As with many dyslexics, the setbacks James has had with his music career seem to have had an effect on his self-esteem. Luckily for James auditions were back in a smaller more intimate location, but even so, James appeared extremely nervous and at one point forgot the lyrics to his addition piece.

Perfectly demonstrating the spiky profile dyslexics are so famous for, James’s difficulty learning and remembering words, and his problems with nerves, paled in comparison when he opened his mouth and started to sing. Even so, it was a bit hit and miss as to whether the judge’s would put him through to the next round.

After forgetting his words Simon Cowell stopped his audition early. Sharon voiced her concerns over how his nerves had affected her and how they may affect future audiences. Nicole and Simon, who liked his performance, said that they didn’t feel he cared. A reaction that many dyslexics are familiar with, where mistakes or forgetfulness are put down to nonchalance, apathy or lack of enthusiasm, the acid tongued Simon Cowell even stating, “I get frustrated ‘cause I think, ‘this is a job interview and is that all you can come up with?’”


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Against a backdrop of mixed reviews James’ raw talent shone through, with four yes’s from the judges and Louis Walsh hinting that James may be an early contender for the X Factor crown, commenting, “I think you’ve got an amazing voice, one of the best today.” Determined not to let James bask in his achievement for too long Simon had a few parting words of wisdom. “You’re about to enter the boot camp which is like a Piranha pool of very young ambitious people that will want to kill you.” To which James replied, “Excellent”.

If there’s one thing we know about dyslexics, it’s that a life of knock-backs makes us grafters and I personally can’t wait to see James eat those Piranhas alive.

Watch how James progresses through the competition every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on ITV1.

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