Dyslexia film made by Dyslexics

Dyslexic filmmaker Trevor Thomson is reaching out on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to aid the creation of a new documentary, exploring the emotional journey of ‘coming out’ as dyslexic. But this documentary has a unique quality to it, backed by a whole cast and crew who are also dyslexic and can accurately portray the feelings and experiences that someone with this goes through.

The aim behind Trevor’s film is to create awareness and a better understanding amongst those who may be lacking information about dyslexia. Additionally, the team are also keen to inspire those who are struggling to deal with their own identity. “We want to give the viewer an experience of what it’s really like to be dyslexic,” Trevor explains, “it affects people in all different ways and all different walks of life.”

By addressing these issues, the film will lead you through the personal stories of several contributors, exploring the positives and negatives they have faced. Trevor reinforces the idea that dyslexia isn’t picky with who it affects and it really can happen to anyone. The short trailer for the film features the legendary racing driver, Sir Jackie Stewart exploring how dyslexia has affected him. He discusses how he has adapted his lifestyle and finds ways to “think outside the box” now, in order to complete daily tasks.

Trevor and Derek

The team have a goal to raise £15,000 which will fund the whole production, including the crew, equipment and editing costs. In return, Trevor is passionate about staying connected to the audience and updating them as the project progresses. He will create a website, enabling viewers to interact with the team and share their thoughts on ideas raised.

This documentary is produced by Bluestar Streaming and Dyslexia Scotland. If you would like to get involved and help Trevor and his team spread their message, you can donate to the Indiegogo profile HERE.