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Our round up of the best celebrities dyslexic stories from 2015.

Jennifer Aniston Husband Justin Theroux could not read until he was a teenager

Hollywood superstar Justin Theroux is one of the top actors in the industry and, not only that, but he also has plenty of impressive screenwriting credits to his name. It is quite surprising then, to learn that Justin did not actually properly learn to read until he was a teenager, as he was tested as dyslexic and used to make excuses not to read, when asked to do so at school. Read More

Boyzone’s Shane Lynch urges students to claim extra funding

Boyzone’s Shane Lynch is urging UK higher education students to check whether they are eligible for extra funding. Shane has described his experience of living with dyslexia and the impact it has made on his life – as well as the amazing sense of relief he felt when he was finally diagnosed. Many students live with conditions and impairments that limit their abilities, but don’t realise that they can claim Disabled Students’ Allowances to cover the cost of specialist hardware, software and study support. Read More

Henry Winkler, TV’s Eternal Teenager Fonzie, Turns 70

Henry Winkler enjoyed a very extended adolescence as Fonzie, who rode around on his motorcycle and always had the best chicks, on seminal ’70s sitcom “Happy Days.” Winkler spends his off-screen time raising awareness about dyslexia — a learning disability with which he struggled when he was growing up. The confident and commanding Fonzie, the Atlantic declared, “was a facade for a man who’d spent his entire life assuming his intelligence just wasn’t, as he put it, ‘up to snuff.’” Read More

SOAK interview: ‘I had severe dyslexia and they said I was never going to be able to write’

19-year-old Bridie Monds-Watson is more sure of herself than any other teenager I’ve met. From her level Derry accent to her well-thought-out opinions, she radiates quiet confidence. You might think that was down to a series of profile –boosting accolades this year, including the BBC’s Sound Of longlist at the start of the year and then, last week, becoming 1 of the 12 artists on the shortlist for the Mercury Prize, but you’d be wrong. It comes from having to conquer her dyslexia as a child. Read More

Darcey Bussell reveals she feels ‘lucky’ to have hip resurfacing surgery and dyslexia has been a little bit of a blessing

The Strictly Come Dancing Judge revealed recently how she used dancing as a way of an escape while she suffered from dyslexia as a child. TV personality Darcey is one of 23 celebrities – including businessman Sir Richard Branson, singer Mollie King and interior design Kelly Hoppen – who has contributed to a new book called Creative Successful Dyslexic about living with the learning condition. Read More

Young and dyslexic? You’ve got it going on by Benjamin Zephaniah

I’m of the generation where teachers didn’t know what dyslexia was. The big problem with the education system then was that there was no compassion, no understanding and no humanity. I don’t look back and feel angry with the teachers. The ones who wanted to have an individual approach weren’t allowed to. The idea of being kind and thoughtful and listening to problems just wasn’t done: the past is a different kind of country. Read More

Daymond John and Mom: Learning From Experience

Shark Tank star Daymond John, who has dyslexia, chats with his mother in this series of exclusive Understood videos. Together they share stories—including how she encouraged him to read and how he started FUBU, his clothing line. They talk about “the lightbulb moment” when he figured out he had dyslexia. And she gives her advice for other parents of kids with dyslexia. Watch Video

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