2016 writing in sand being washed away by the sea

As the year draws to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at the highlights of our year of podcasting, blogging and public speaking.


At the start of the year dyslexia took pole position in the news agenda, when the Victoria Derbyshire Show broke the story of Meseret Kumulchew, a Starbucks employee who’d taken the coffee chain to court because of how they had treated her dyslexia. The news of Starbucks defeat in this David and Goliath case, spread to all corners of the globe.

Image of the Victoria Derbyshire Show

We were with the story right from the start, as Sean Douglas, founder of The Codpast, was invited onto the show to give viewers some of his insight into the difficulties face by people with dyslexia in the workplace. We were also asked to speak on the BBC world Service and Channel 5 News later that day.

February was also the month we recorded one of our favourite shows of the year, ‘The Professor of Poetry’ featuring Professor Benjamin Zephaniah.



March was another great month of podcasting which saw us record one of our most talked about podcasts of the year. ‘The Confidence Question’ saw Hannah Lord tell the story of how the lack, or abundance of confidence can completely change your experience of school or life. This podcast tells the enlightening story of the parallel lives of Hannah and her brother and what happened once they left the stifling confines of the education system.

Image of The Codpast Episode 22 Album Cover


In July, we attended our first ADSHE conference, which saw us rubbing shoulders with educators from all corners of the British Isles. ADSHE was an enlightening experience, and with the conference celebrating it’s 15th year, it was a great time to reflect on the changes in attitude and support for dyslexics in that time.


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Once again dyslexia took centre stage in the mainstream as Dyslexic Design, part of the larger Design Junction Exhibition, seemed to generate more publicity than the main event itself. Design Junction took over Granary Square in London with the vibe of a mini festival. There was a DJ stage pumping out some ‘phat’ tunes, food was provided by some of London’s best street food vendors and the exhibition spaces were filled with some of the coolest design known to the human race.


It was probably one of the coolest events we’ve been to this year. Right in the middle of all of this was the Dyslexic Design house, which showcased the work of some of Europe’s most accomplished dyslexic designers.

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In October, for Dyslexia Awareness Week we did things a little differently. This year we hit the road on a tour of UK universities to spread the message of positivity and shout about the wonders of assistive tech. While on the road, we spoke with students of Cardiff University about the help they got from their Student Support Service.

October was also the month that saw the launch of our shiny new website, which had a cleaner and more user-friendly design. It also included The Dyslexia Directory, the newest addition to The Codpast website.

Click here for the Dyslexia Directory

October was also the month in which we recorded our first Dyspraxia podcast with the wonderful Emma-Lewell buck.



Last month we were honoured to be invited to speak at the second ATEC (Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference). Once again, we were sharing our knowledge and passion for the power of assistive tech.

ATEC Pannel

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So, what was your best Codpast moment of 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

The Codpast team will be taken a well-deserved break over the Christmas and New Year period. We’ll see you again in January, refreshed, revived and ready to share some great new content. From everyone on The Codpast team we wish you a happy Christmas and an awesome new year.