Apart from all the difficulties with processing, feeling down or feelings of low self-esteem can be part of the Dyslexic experience. In this video Miranda Banks, from Excel in Exams, shares techniques she’s developed to deal with some of these feelings.

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Key take-aways:

  • Feeling down is part of the human experience
  • If you feel down more than you feel upbeat then this may be an issue you need to address
  • It can help to identify if what triggers you to feel down comes from internal or external sources
  • Identify what you currently do which brings you positive feelings
  • Create on-hand strategies that you can utilise to lift your spirit
  • As you learn how to get rid of negative feelings actively replace them with positive ones
  • If negative feelings persist sleek professional advice a good place to start is the BDA help line: 0333 405 4567

You can find out more about Excel in Exams Here

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