They say that knowledge is power and for Gavin Malcolm, this saying has some real significance. We’ve all heard the stories of tough kids from inner city neighborhoods finding a way out through football, boxing or making it big in the world of entertainment. However for Gavin, his way out came from behind the wheel of one of London’s iconic Black Cabs.

At some point in your life you’ve probably shared some banter through the glass with a charismatic London cabbie. But their jovial demeanor can sometimes mask the steely determination and unwavering strength of character needed to earn their Cabbie stripes (well, in the case of a London Cabbie it’s a green badge) and pass the London Cab Drivers exam, aka ‘The Knowledge.’

In this episode of The Codpast, Gavin Malcolm shares just what it took for him to earn his coveted green badge and how it changed his life in unimaginable ways.

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Gavin in front of his hackney carriage, literally wearing his cab license as a badge of pride.


London roads as seen by Gavin

Gavin is also the ambassador of Dyslexia Action*. Here’s him at the Dyslexia Action Awards 2010:

If you are touched by Gavin’s story and want to support Dyslexia Action to help more people with dyslexia, you can start with donating to the charity*.

just-giving-300x76*On Thursday 13 April 2017, Dyslexia Institute Limited t/a Dyslexia Action has gone into administration.

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