This month actor, author, TV adventurer and President of Dyslexia Action Charley Boorman tells us how a love of motorbikes, a chance meeting with Ewan McGregor and an insane idea kick started the career he’d always wanted, but never knew existed.

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As  the son of British film director John Boorman, Charley was no stranger to the world of showbiz and as a child Charley stared in some iconic roles. Charley loved being in front of the camera but being dyslexic, found reading script and learning lines a bit of a challenge. When Charley and good mate Ewan McGregor decided to film their 20,000 mile round the world motorbike trip. Charley realised, his a role in front of the camera was not that of an actor but as a TV adventure.


The TV trailer for the documentary about their epic journey. 

You can also check out the behind the scenes look at what happened when The Codpast hit the road to interview Charley Boorman: Exclusive Footage of our Latest Show


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