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Note taking is one of the most important skills to master when it comes to success in education and the workplace. As a dyslexic note taker, or just someone needing an alternative to scribbling notes on paper, audio recordings have long been the preferred solution for students, journalists, law enforcement or anyone that needs to reference and report back on spoken information. The only problem is, what to do with and how to process this valuable but hard to work with resource.

Audio Notetaker, by Sonocent, solves many of the frustrations working with raw audio can throw up. Audio Notetaker lets you capture, or import, recordings and lets you work with them in much the same way you’d work with text. Your audio is turned into ‘visual sentences’, which you can edit, annotate, highlight, and combine with text, images and power point slides. Once you’ve processed and annotated your audio notes, all annotations and images can be exported to rich text to be viewed, reviewed and shared in more traditional formats.

As well as mobile and desktop note taking apps, Sonocent have devised the C.A.R.E. note taking system for which AudioNotaker forms the backbone.

To take the best notes of your life, download a free full-feature 30-day trial of the software today: www.sonocent.com