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Notetalker Sqaure

Whether you’re dyslexic or not, taking notes in lectures, interviews and meetings. While simultaneously trying to listen, process information and make a valuable contribution can be somewhat of a super human task.

Help is at hand in the shape of the Notetalker mobile app. The app takes care of your note-taking, allowing you to be in the moment and to fully engage in the task at hand.

The Notetalker app turns your mobile device into a powerful recording and audio note-taking companion. Rather than mimicking the functions of your devices built-in audio recorder, Notetalker allows you to flag important parts of the recording and add text and images to your audio notes. Meaning when you hit the stop button your presented with an indexed, easy to navigate, multi-media record of your meeting, interview or lecture.

You can add further detail to your multi-media notes using the Notetalker Edit desktop application.

Learn more here: www.notetalker.com