Talk: Recruitment Agency Working with Dyslexic People
( London)

The session will be led by Emily Nash. Emily works for Exceptional Individuals, a two-year-old social enterprise that specialises in helping dyslexic and neurodiverse people find jobs and prepare applications. This work can range from supporting candidates in executive positions, to visiting job centres and working to build CV’s and communication skills with candidates finding their first job.

Emily will be talking about the work that Exceptional Individuals does and the barriers that still face those with learning difficulties in the workplace. She will reflect on the ways in which people can use their dyslexia as a positive force and asset in the workplace. These qualities may account for the particular job sectors that seem to attract those with learning difficulties. This links to the Great Minds Think Different campaign that aims to change the perceptions around dyslexia and encourage creativity and community for dyslexics.

To RSVP, please join the Dyslexic Power Meet-up Group.

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