SpLDs and Literacy Learning: Reading, Writing, Spelling
( Kensington)

‘SpLDs and Literacy Learning: Reading, Writing, Spelling’ Conference will focus on literacy learning and encouraging access to the curriculum.  Giving an overview of key issues and challenges around Reading, Writing, Spelling and Speech, Language and Communication issues for those with dyslexia and other Co-occurring learning differences.  The conference will also provide insights into good teaching practice.

Speakers include:

  • Neil Mackay – SpLDs and Literacy Learning
  • Professor Vince Connelly (Oxford Brookes University) – How might spelling and handwriting constrain the development of written composition skills?
  • Professor Julia Carroll (Coventry University) –  Hearing, Speech and Dyslexia
  • Professor Kate Cain (Lancaster University) – Reading
  • Lois Addy – Do children still need to learn to write?

Cost: £120 – £160

To book a ticket, please go to their Eventbrite page or British Dyslexia Association website to find out more.

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