Skills Spotlight: Michael Vermeersch Digital Inclusion Lead at Microsoft

Operation Diversity Academy® (Parents & Carers) will be interviewing Michael Vermeersch, Digital Inclusion Lead at Microsoft, for their Skills Spotlight. This interview will cover his story and how he came about doing what he does now to inspire some of youngsters and reassures parents in the process.

Michael’s childhood dream was to find the key to eternal life. While graduating in molecular biology, he saw similar patterns in the emerging IT industry and built on this potential during his studies. From humble beginnings at Atari Computers, his journey led him to Microsoft in 2001. His work in Consultancy Services allowed him to share his knowledge and empower peers and customers alike. His unique style has opened doors which previously were closed. Michael himself has Asperger Syndrome and uses the strengths this gives him to fuel his passion. A good day for Michael is when he can see he has made a difference.

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