NAS Herefordshire AGM 2017
( Hereford)

Guest speaker for the event is Sarah Gillie

Sarah combines her passion for teaching with a parents’ perspective. Before she trained as a specialist teacher, her children underwent assessments related to ADHD, auditory processing, autism, dyslexia and visual stress.
Sarah works with learners from KS1 through to Higher Education, and believes that understanding each student’s strengths and needs is essential to provide timely, effective support and advice.
Since completing a Masters in Special Educational Needs, Sarah has designed and delivered lectures on the development of spelling and reading skills (and related support strategies) for the University of South Wales Accredited Learning Support Assistant programme and inclusive practice modules for the BA (Hons) Early Years course. She is a Licensed Tutor for the children’s communication charity I Can. Sarah’s article outlining her research into the potential for executive function targeted support for students with SpLDs is being published in the latest peer reviewed professional journal from the Dyspraxia Foundation.

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