Fundamentals of Therapeutic Mentoring the Emotional Repercussions of Dyslexia
( Finchley)
From 12-02-18 to 14-02-18

Cost:  £225

Three-day therapeutic, coach/ mentoring programme addressing the Emotional Repercussions of Dyslexia. This is a skills training workshop based in a tranquil, harmonious setting that nurtures personal and professional wellbeing.

Day 1:

A familiarisation of constitutional presentations of dyslexia and the potential emotional repercussions.

Day 2:

Focuses specifically on practice.  Methodologies and devices we have found work for our dyslexic clients and why.

Day 3:

Full of highly experiential skills practice, role play, case studies and live supervision demonstrations –  putting into practice the theory gained in the preceding two days.

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