DYSPLA R&D Workshop – You Will Fail Her
( Portsmouth)
From 21-09-17 to 23-09-17

You Will Fail Her Immersive Theatre, Panel Discussions and Debate about Dyslexia, Mental Health and Educational Reform.

YOU WILL FAIL HER Is a one-woman performative installation that weaves the audience into the tapestry of the protagonist’s life through immersive theatre, moving image and an interactive soundscape. The performance will address topical themes of State and Parental responsibilities, explore the emotional consequences of a failed education system and, in light of the recent cuts to education funding, prove that it is still the most vulnerable students in our society who experience discriminative education.

Ticket price £10 (£6.50 concessions)

Please go to DYSPLA or New Theatre Royal website to find out more about the workshop. Or simply CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

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