( London)
From 14-03-18 to 18-03-18

All the filmmakers and artists are neurodivergent and their work is a huge credit to the community.

DIMIF, with the support of Arts Council England, will exhibit the work of over 20 dyslexic and neurodivergent filmmakers from 14 -18th March 2018 at The Crypt Gallery in King’s Cross, London. Do not miss your opportunity to participate in the first-ever nurodivergent moving image festival that investigates the concept of the ‘Dyslexic Aesthetic’.

The festival itself is a novelty, DYSPLA has curated the space in a way that will blur the lines between traditional film festivals and the art gallery experience. DYSPLA has a reputation for challenging their audiences and this festival and DIMIF is no different. We are excited to see how the audience will interact with the moving image and make sense of the fragmented audio from portable radio devices, that they will receive when entering the gallery.

The festival runs from the 14th – 18th March, at the Crypt Gallery in Kings Cross.
Tickets range from £5:00-£30.00 and can be purchased online via: www.dyspla.com

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