Dyslexic Success Bootcamp is an action-packed day by and for people with dyslexia and for those on the neurodivergent spectrum.  It explores where dyslexia meets productivity, collaboration & resilience via talks & interactive workshops to equip not “fix” people, so people with dyslexia have the right tools to succeed.

Dyslexic Success Bootcamp provides a space where people are celebrated, never tolerated.
You will learn how to …

* Handling Challenging Scenarios with Resilience
Interactive session on bouncing back and how to be assertive, to using the right technology so you are not labelled as “lazy” this session is here to help you

* The Art of Being Productive – Hackathon
The collaborative approach to productivity session

The price is currently £29 for a limited time. Visit http://dyslexicsuccess.co/events

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