About The Codpast

The Codpast is the only online multimedia resource providing advice, help, up to the minute news and a healthy dose of positivity and pride to the global, adult dyslexic community. Weather you’re at the start of your journey through university or making the notorious transition from education into work. Or weather you’re trying to find that first rung on the career ladder or ascending through your career and finding, that sometimes mo’ promotions can equal mo’ problems, you’ll find The Codpast is a place full of resources and information that will help you navigate the world from a dyslexic point of view.

We noticed that ironically, many websites aimed at dyslexics are incredibly text heavy and don’t always tailor content to be consumed by dyslexic readers. At The Codpast we purposefully try and keep our content to under 500 words and make sure all our articles are a mixture of video, audio and images. Where posts are a little longer, BrowseAloud screen reading software is available to help lighten the load.

As well as being a place for help and advice, The Codpast is a place for dyslexic students and adults to be inspired. We are sure you’ll love our mixture of videos, podcasts, articles, celebrity interviews and tech reviews.

I hope you enjoy The Codpast as much as we enjoy creating it.

Sean and The Codpast team.

Meet the Team

Sean Douglas (Tenator)

Chief Dyslexic

After himself becoming a dyslexic workplace casualty, Sean realised trying to find help and advice that was tailored for adult dyslexics, was somewhere on par with looking for Unicorns in Piccadilly Circus. Out of his frustration he created a monthly podcast, called The Codpast to help others in a similar possition.

Dyslexic Superpower

On many occasions us dyslexics have to work much harder than our Lexic counterparts to achieve similar goals. The flip side is, this a great workout for the mental muscle that is tenacity. Dyslexics have a knack for never given up when others would have thrown in the towel. If Marvel did create a band of dyslexic superheros my superhero name would be: THE TENATOR!