No matter how advanced we get with technology, taking written notes by hand or by screen is an essential part of life. While making a shopping list or taking a phone number may not bring up too many problems, taking detailed notes in education or the workplace, especially if you have trouble with writing speed or multi-tasking, note-taking can be more of an issue.

If your ability to take notes directly affects your grades or ability to do your job, then note-taking becomes an even more stressful process. It’s long been suggested that people with dyslexia should record their conversations rather than taking written notes, but dealing with the audio can be a time intensive process. Audio Note-taking apps can help make dealing with your audio notes a more streamline experience.

In this episode of DYSboxing, we’ll take a look at the desktop version of Conversor’s audio notetaking application called Notetalker Edit.

Take a look at our overview of Notetalker in the video above and if you like what you see download a free trail to try for yourself.

Video produced by Sean Douglas

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