It’s a well known fact that around 50% of the prison population are dyslexic or have issues with literacy. What’s lesser known, is the effect tackling this problem could have on violence in prisons and the rate of reoffending.

If there’s anyone that knows how tackling this problem could revolutionise prison rehabilitation, it’s self-styled ‘Prison Mary Poppins’, Jackie Hewitt-Main. Through story telling, nurturing and a right brained approach to education, Jackie has achieved some mind blowing results. In some cases her methods have yielded a reoffending rate of 5.9%; the current average is 26% (ministry of justice).

In this episode, Jackie tells of how she went from being a mum and business woman to working with and changing the lives of some of the UK’s most notorious prisoners.

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Jackie was nominated to be surprised on the popular ITV show, Surprise Suprise. Suprise Suprise dupes unsuspecting members of the public, who have dedicated there lives to helping others, into appearing on the show. They are then publicly thanked by those they have helped. Watch the tears flow as host and fellow dyslexic Holly Willoughby, Richard Branson and the inmates whose lives she’s transformed, shower her with praise.

You can learn more about Jackie’s work here: or Contact her via Twitter @cascademain

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