Fresh from punditing on the Woman’s World Cup, Rachel Yankey joins us in the studio to talk football, dyslexia and how to become a master of deception.

When Rachel left school she had no qualifications and seemingly no hope of a bright future. The only thing she knew how to do was play football. At that time, a girl playing football was an oddity and a girl making a career out of playing football…well that was just unheard off.

Fast forward to 2015 and Rachel Yanky is one of the UK’s most celebrated and decorated football players. Listen to  how she made it happen and some of the unorthodox method she used along the way.

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Rachel in her role as a pundit for the BBC’s Women’s World Cup Coverage.


Rachel’s proudest moment.


The techniques Rachel used to deceive teachers as a child came in handy when she was offered her own TV show.

Rachel celebrating with the girls in her trademark number 11 top.



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