Our friends over at Dyspla, are always looking out for dyslexic writers. When looking through the great resources and content on their site we came across this cool little project.

The Letters Project is Dyspla’s way of engaging with dyslexic writers from around the world. For this project,they invited dyslexic’s from across the globe to submit a handmade piece of art; letters, drawings, paintings, poems, short stories – pretty much anything that can be popped into an envelope. The only requirement was that the work was original, handmade, hand written and spell check had not been used.

Each month we’re doing our bit to promote Dyslexic writing by showcasing some of our favorite letters for the project.

A Familiar Story

After reading this letter nearly 5 times, I couldn’t help but smile at the nostalgia I felt. After being an “Anime geek” for so many years, I couldn’t help but remember the oh-so-romantic story Howl’s Moving Castle, by Studio Ghibli and written by Diana Wynne Jones.

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“As I reached for the handle I could feel an almost electric buzz, I pulled my hand back as if shocked, then took the plunge and opened the door…It didn’t open onto the bustling city street but onto a beach, endless and barren, an expanse of sand with only a hint of cold blue sea in the distance. Storm clouds were brewing and the sky was turning an angry Black and Purple swelling like a swirl of hate and forboding. I knew that the door was magic but the Wizard Pendragon had never told me of this place. Oh! He always seems to vanish when bad situations arise!

As I stepped out the wind ripped the ribbon from my long wine red hair, so it badly flaieled around like flames engulfing my head. I was blinded by red and rain. I was terrefyed to go forward yet curious about this strange land with its angry sky like an ink blot spreading over the beach and the eerie silence through the rain and storm. I saw my violet ribbon through the mass of red strands blowing in front of me, I take three steps forward and run for the ribbon, my feet sank into the crumbelling sand as I reached for the little strip of silk. Suddenly through the shushing of the pouring rain came a dull clunk, just as I was re-tieing my hair, wirling round I saw the worst thing imaginable. The door was closed and I was trapped!

A while later I decided that I should get to some sort of shelter as the storm was increasingly getting closer to me. However there was nothing insight; no caves or alcoves. I was alone and stranded. The clatter of thunder ripped the sky apart and where the lightning fell green fires started, this was no normal storm. Their was magic in the air!

I just ran not caring where trying to escape the evil fire but alas it was not enough, I was surrounded by green flames blazing strong. One moment I was running, the next I was engulfed by a black dark feathery texture and my legs were no longer on the ground. I was blind and flying!”

Click here to see all submissions for this project.

Curation and Words by Vanessa Rocha

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