Last month the biggest Educational Technology show on the planet came to town. The Bett Show filled the whole of East London’s Excel centre to the seams with some of the most cutting edge gadgets on the planet. It’s seems, educational tech is a major playing card for the technology big boys such as Apple, Google, Dell, Samsung and a whole host of global technology giants, who were out in force to show what they had on offer.

Being the curious guy that I am, The Codpast team and I went to the Bett Show looking for new developments in Dyslexic Assistive Tech. Take a look at what we found.

Jack from Scanning Pens Ltd shows us how this hi-tech pen can help eliminate the need for teaching assistants in exams:

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We spoke to Rachael from Texthelp to find out how this software’s standout features can make research for students a less painful task:

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Fred from explained how online courses can give you a second chance in education.

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We got a taste of the future with Kim from Tobii Dynavox. Looks like were heading for a world where mice and keyboards may be a thing of the past.

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Assistive Solutions let us put their WordQ+SpeakQ software through its paces. Some how it even managed to correct my atrocious spelling.

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Sean Douglas talks to Lars from MV-Nordic to find out how this iPad app can help those with dyslexia in everyday life.

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Attending the Bett Show this year opened my eyes to the amazing and growing number of assistive tech solutions that are on the market. With so many companies now building Dyslexic friendly options directly into their hardware and software. It gives me hope that in the future, whichever device I am using, some form of  help will be just a click away.

Talking of companies that are building assistive tech into their software. While at the Bett Show we caught up with Apple and Google to find out which platform was most Dyslexic friendly. Keep an eye on our feed to make sure you don’t miss these revealing videos.

If you missed this year’s Bett Show, don’t worry, 2016 is not so far away. For more details go to:

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