Smiling Eskimo woman wearing traditional clothing in wind against clear blue sky

When I decided to start The Codpast, one of my aims was for this to be a platform that would expose the world to the immense talents that resides within the Dyslexic community. I wanted to let the world into a little secret. Now don’t tell anyone but… DYSLEXICS ARE FREAKING COOL! Until I started this project I wasn’t aware just how cool; now I’m thinking we must all be descendents of some long lost Eskimo community, ’cause the more I dig, the cooler we seem to get.

A few weeks ago I came across an organisation called Dyspla. Dyspla are a band of Dyslexic storymakers that showcase plays penned by Dyslexic writers. They hold monthly readings where Dyslexic writers can workshop their scripts with professional actors. The also help produce short films and have a website filled with loads of interesting and thought provoking content. Take a look here.

While bouncing around their website I came across this film trailer which I just had to share. Enjoy!

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