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Over the last few years, the job market has been challenging for even the best of us. The stress of writing cover letters, updating CVs and filling in online forms, that timeout before you’ve had a chance to cut and paste your perfectly spell checked text from Word. For dyslexics, this can be exhausting. When this process is repeated multiple times a day for prolonged periods, rejection letters can be all the more bitter and trigger the low self-esteem that plagues so many dyslexics.

I came across this great article on which gives some great practical tips to make the best use of your time and present yourself in the best possible light.

Here is a summary of the article:

1. Make the most of your mindset
Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, start with a positive mindset.

2. Focus on your abilities
Identify your strengths, and place precedence on them throughout your application.

3. Be aware of your resources
In a logistical sense, there are a number of tools which may make the job seeking process a little less time-consuming.

4. Ask a friend
Although it might seem like added effort, it’s absolutely essential for any job seeker to ask someone to proofread their application – whether they have dyslexia or not.

5. Contact the recruiter directly
One of the biggest tips to remember is: if in doubt, ask.

6. Be open to and aware of any available support
Check the help available to you, some of which you may not currently be aware of.

You can read the full article here.

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