I often get asked the question, “what’s it like to be dyslexic?” I might as well be being asked what’s it like to be a human. Dyslexia is such a unique and personal thing for person it is difficult to extract which parts of you personality is Dyslexia and which parts are just you. So when I found this list – 24 Things

Only Dyslexic People Will Understand – I was surprised how many of my traits and experiences I shared with other Dyslexics. Here is my pick of favorite on the list.


You sometimes wonder if you are a robot. CAPTCHA!


You’re nervous about reading out loud, because then people might think you have trouble speaking, too.


People tell you to “just keep practicing,” as though practicing can you make you something that you’re not.

You can find the rest of this hilarious list here: http://bzfd.it/1FCcS0J

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