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Every week we take a look back at the most relevant Dyslexic stories from around the world, so you don’t have to.

Strong calls for UK digital & tech sectors to ‘improve inclusion and accessibility’

Global user experience (UX) agency Sigma has called for UK digital and technology sectors to improve the inclusion and accessibility of its products and services, saying it’s a “moral and commercial imperative”. Read More

Microsoft highlights how you can browse books in the Windows Store

Edge allows you to personalize your reading experience by providing custom personalization of font sizes, layouts, and themes. For the hearing, vision, and reading accessibility options, there are numerous Learning Tools integrated in Edge. Read Aloud and text spacing are available for easier reading for those with dyslexia or for those learning to read English as a Second Language (ESL). Read More

Extremely premature babies will catch up to their peers in school, first study of its kind reveals

The study followed more than 1.3 million Florida children into middle school to examine how preemie babies performed in regards to their education. The experts concluded parents had unfounded fears that their premature children would struggle in school. Read More

Salma Hayek reveals how Trump once asked her out and then planted tabloid stories after her rejection

Donald Trump once had a way with the ladies — or, at least, he certainly thought he did. In an appearance on The Daily Show last week, Salma Hayek explained that one time (or more like a few times) she turned him down. Read More

18-year-old JA student created an app that gives film subtitles a sound

Alexander Gram Jensen with other classmates, founded a student company at the age of 17. They developed the application “SubReader” that helps dyslexic people to read subtitles on inter- national TV and movies aloud. Read More

How Do You Deal With Adversity?

One of those motivational coaches the other day referring to people that had faced adversity and resolved to do something with their lives. This ranged between having been abused in some way as a child, through learning issues (dyslexia and suchlike), through to having to deal with major injury or illness. Read More

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