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Every week we take a look back at the most relevant Dyslexic stories from around the world, so you don’t have to.

Dyslexia: Why boys are more frequently diagnosed than girls

Boys are diagnosed more often than girls with dyslexia, but the reason for this has long remained elusive. Scientists have now shown that differences in processing speed – the speed at which people automatically and fluently perform relatively easy tasks – may be to blame. Read More

Study finds using OneNote in school increased comprehension in dyslexic students

The 11-week study of 20 students, carried out by the British Dyslexia Association, found that using Immersive Reader, part of Microsoft’s OneNote software, improved pupil’s reading comprehension and emotional well-being. Hearing their work read aloud made it easier to spot and correct mistakes, and could be done without involving a teacher or teachers aid. Read More

Most Irish-exempt Leaving Cert pupils studying European languages

More than half of Leaving Cert students who were granted an exemption from studying Irish on the grounds of a learning disability went on to study a foreign language. Irish is compulsory at primary and secondary level, though the Department of Education allows students to be excused on the grounds of disability or having lived outside the State for a period of time. Read More

Independent school pupils more likely to get extra time in exams than state school peers

Extra time can granted for a number of reasons – including dyslexia and special educational needs – and is given to candidates on a case by case basis. But exams watchdog Ofqual suggested the difference could be because independent schools are more ready and able to find students entitled to more time. Read More

Tommy Hilfiger wrote memoir before he forgot aspects of his life

The designer, known for his all-American aesthetic, has been a style staple since he launched his namesake brand in the mid-1980s. His rise to the top wasn’t without problems, and Tommy has now chronicled the highs and the lows of his career in new tome American Dreamer: My Life in the Fashion Business. Read More

NOT BLUE NOW EastEnders newcomer Lee Ryan reveals he turned down top role on the soap

The All Rise hitmaker admitted he was also struggling with his scripts due to his dyslexia but had found ways around it to learn his lines. “I’ve always been quite outwardly spoken about being dyslexic, and I do find it quite difficult sometimes to read, so it takes me a little longer for it to digest. Read More

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